XOLORspace G01 Type-C Android Smartphone game pad game controller for PUMG, etc.
XOLORspace G01 Type-C Android Smartphone game pad game controller for PUMG, etc.
XOLORspace G01 Type-C Android Smartphone game pad game controller for PUMG, etc.
XOLORspace G01 Type-C Android Smartphone game pad game controller for PUMG, etc.

XOLORspace G01 Type-C Android Smartphone game pad game controller for PUMG, etc.

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World's first game pad / game controller with Type-c connection. It is fully compatible with Android Type-c interface. Smartphone game controller G01 applies Type-c direct connection technology, which makes you feel faster and more efficient when you play the game.

  • Compatible with any Android smartphone with USB Type-C port that supports PD protocol. 
  • Purely hardware connection by Type-C port. Type-C connector plug in and instantly connected. Faster connection and more stable data communication than Bluetooth game pad.
  • No need Bluetooth. 
  • User-friendly and multi-functional apps.
  • Key mapping is supported
  • Not detected by the game server a game pad is used.
  • Playing games while charging the phone simultaneously
  • Product dimension: 155*85*29MM
  • Net weight: 100g
  • Color: black
  • Material: ABS

 Connection guide:

Step one
You can download the APP in any of the following ways (instagram is not supported for the time being.)

1. a) Turn on the camera function of the phone and use the QR code on the left side of the back of the handle. Then open the picture of the QR code in the phone album, click and identify the QR code in the picture.
b) Open the scanning function of Line to scan the left QR code image on the back of the handle
2. Jump to the browser download page after identification
3. Download the SOE APP

Step two
1. Align the side of the phone without TYPE connector with the side of the handle without TYPE connector
2. Then hold the top of the phone to this side and stretch the handle to the length of the phone
3. Align the phone and the TYPE connector of the handle, plug it in and you can connect it directly
Contrary to the steps to connect the PAD, pull out the PDA from the type connector first, then take out the phone.
Note 1: due to the first use, the connector of the phone and the connector of the handle are relatively tight. After several times of plugging and unplugging, it will be easy to plug and unplugging, and does not to harm the TYPE connector.
Note 2: for some models of mobile phones of some brands, in order to maintain the basic functions of the phone, the mobile phone system will flash back the APP when the battery power of the phone is lower than a certain standard. This is normal and acceptable.

Step three

1. Enter the APP, set the levitation function according to the drawing prompt, click the game or add the game with your personal needs.
2. Enter the game interface and according to personal preferences that you can set any key position.

Take the game of “Peace Elite” as an example, Enter the "Settings" button,

Click the icon of SOE to set and adjust the key according to the following figure.

Press the above steps to set the custom key, then you can start the game. (there are 10 games built in the app itself, The custom buttons of the APP are automatically highly aligned with the game keys.)

Note: "Peace Elite": turn on the "gyroscope" in the game Settings and the right rocker function in the APP to make it easier to play and win out.


Kep mapping:

G01 does not support custom key positions under the mode of the simulator, for the position of each key is fixed on the computer itself. If you want to customize the key position, you can download the "ppspp" app to try.


Incompatible models of smartphone:

REDMAGIC、BLACKSHARK、ROG2、HUAWEI P30pro、HUAWEI mate 20 x、HUAWEI mate30、HONOR Note 10、HONOR V8、HUAWEI mate20pro、HUAWEI Enjoy 9plus、VIVO X 23シンフォニーエディション、 VIVO Y3、VIVO X20a、VIVO NEX、MEIZU 16th、MEIZU 16X、Nut pro2s、XIAOMI mix3、XIAOMI 9se、XIAOMI 8 YOUNG、XIAOMI 8、REDMI NOTE 8pro、REDMI note7、OPPO Find X、OPPO K3、、OPPO R 9s、OPPO R17、OPPO Reno、OPPO Reno 2、OnePlus 5、Oneplus 7pro、Samsung note9

And it does not compatible with any micro-USB port smarphone, Type-C port not with PD (quick charge), nor any smartphone with thickness more than 9mm.

The latest apk. download link: 


Newest App. name: SOETool_V1.5.0.29_20210402.apk


English manual download link: 



Japanese manual download link: 


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