Testing reviewes for 3 models of HDMI multiviewers

1. 4x1 quad viewer QV401K vs QV801 vs MV801

QV401K: full screen display and text from PC is clear enough to read easily. It can be a perfect solution for higher demand of picture definition, especially PC text reading. 

QV801: automatically adust the PC resolution to 800x600 in order to get the best quality of display. The text is also clear and readable. but the screen is not fully displayed. Picture quality is lower than QV401K but acceptable for most of the projects. 

MV801 (1080p): Output resolution can be scaled to 4k 30hz but the actual picture quality cannot reach UHD. For certain, it does not suitable for PC. Text from PC is blurry and unreadable. But do not turn your backs on it rushly. It can also be a compromised solution for video watch only and cost-sensitive projects.


2. 8X1 multi-viewer QV801 vs MV801:
3. 1X1 MODE: QV401K vs QV801 vs MV801 
4. 1x2 MODE: QV801 vs MV801

It is with KVM function, but it is a pity that the USB port is USB 2.0 but not USB 3.0. You can control 4 PCs via a set of keyboard and mouse. There are two ports of USB docking valid for PC 1 port. 

BWhile, QV401K is HDMI 1.4v, though it can scale to 4k 60hz, it can't deliver 4k 60hz on the sources that forced to do HDCP 2.2 handshake, e.g. Roku and PS 4 pro. It will be forced to down to 1080p when connected these kind of sources. 
Specs comparision:
  QV401K QV801 MV801 QV901 QV1601 TW02
Inputs 4 8 8 9 16 4
Outputs 1 1 1 1 1 1
Max. Input resolution 4K 60HZ 1080P 1080P 1080P 1080P 1080P
Max. Input resolution 4K 60HZ 4K 30HZ 1080P 4K 30HZ 4K 30HZ 1080P
PC text readability  yes  yes  no  yes  yes  yes
KVM     yes  no  no  no  no  no
Rotation   yes  no  no  no  no  no
PIP   yes  no  no  no  no  no
RS232   yes   yes   yes   yes   yes  no
Chipset origin USA USA China USA USA USA

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