How to choose a best 4x2 HDMI matrix switch that supports 4k 60hz hdr?

How to choose among 23421, 43421, 46421 and 46421S?

All of these four models are with four HDMI inputs and four HDMI outputs, HDMI 2.0b & HDCP 2.2 compliant and with audio extractor. So how to choose one model to match your demand perfectly? Today we are going to talk about this topic.

First, when all of your devices are HDCP2.2 and two output sink are both displays, 43421 is your best choice. It is with the most cost-effective price and just need US$89.99 you can get a decent HDCP 2.2 4x2 HDMI matrix switcher that supports HDR and Dolby Vision. It also supports all the HDMI 2.0b specifications.


Second, when your input source and TV are HDCP 2.2 you want to send 4k 60HZ HDR signal to your TV, but your receiver or soundbar with HDMI interface is HDMI 1.3 / 1.4v. While your source and your receiver / soundbar supports some audio format that your TV does not. 23421 is your best choice. Set the audio EDID to "PASS" and you can get the best audio format on receiver / soundbar and best resolution on display. The only thing you have to make sure is your video game should also contents that audio format.


Third, when you have a HDCP 2.2 input source, one HDCP 2.2 TV, one HDCP 1.3 / 1.4 TV, and you want to send 4k 60hz HDR on the HDCP 2.2 TV, and 1080p 60hz on the HDCP 1.3 / 1.4 TV. 46421S is your best choice. It supports 4K 60hz to 1080p 60hz downscaler with just one click on panel or remote control, and set the EDID to "Copy" or "AUTO", this 4x2 HDMI matrix switcher with downscaler will output 4k 60hz hdr on the HDCP 2.2 TV and 1080p 60hz on the lower one. Please be aware that it's impossible to downscale 4K 60HZ to 4k 30HZ.


The last, 46421 is discontinued and replaced by 46421S. All the above three models support ARC (Audio Return Signal).


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