How to set up 4k 60hz HDMI switcher for HDCP 2.2 TV and soundbar?

XOLORspace 23421 4k 60hz HDR 4x2 HDMI Matrix switcher has received some negative feedback that it does not have sound on sound bar. But for a long time, we still could not figure out why, until today, we have a customer in US who also found no sound on his BOSE sound bar. We thank this customer very much for his patient communication with us, but not to just leave a negative review and silent forever. We found out his BOSE sound bar only has one HDMI (ARC) port but does not have "HDMI IN" port.

The working logic is: the source gives signal to the HDMI input port of 23421 and its Output B is to plugged to the sound bar's “HDMI IN” port. But on the sound bars those has only HDMI ARC port, which is not a real HDMI port, can't accept HDMI audio input. It just displays audio returned from TV by Audio Return Channel. You can prove this by connecting your sound bar to the TV's HDMI port that not support ARC. You will not get sound through a HDMI port that is not with ARC.

So, the conclusion is that, on a soundbar that is without "HDMI IN" port, you can only use the optical port. XOLORspace 23421 can also return TV's audio through ARC to optical port on the sound bar.

Below I will list some soundbars that does not have "HDMI IN" port.


BOSE Soundbar:

Testing with YAMAHA YAS-107 (with "HDMI IN" and "HDMI OUT" ports):

A soundbar that can work with HDMI switch should be with "HDMI IN" port:


XOLORspace 23421 link:

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